Urban Sole by Mark Rein

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ARTIST NOTES: "Urban Sole" highlights a pair of black sneakers set against a backdrop of moving colour. The background is a mix of vivid colour giving the impression of an urban wall rich with layers of street art. The piece conveys a strong urban vibe, suggesting the movement and rhythm of city life. DETAILS *Stretched, mounted; unframed *Ready to hang with D-rings and wire *Comes with a certificate of authenticity *Carefully packaged and corners protected *Sides painted grey

DIMENSIONS (Height - 80.00 cm X Width - 80.00 cm )
MEDIUM ON BASE Acrylic on Canvas
GENRE Contemporary
REGISTERED NRN # 000-46251-0138-01


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Artist: Mark Rein


Hello and thanks for visiting! My name is Mark, based on the Sunshine Coast.

I'm a versatile artist who delves into various themes and styles, exploring a wide range of subjects using an interplay between representation and expression.

Whether it's landscapes, the human form, or the extraordinarily ordinary, I employ a diverse and vibrant approach to art, with a propensity for bold expression and dynamic use of color, at times blending realism and abstraction.

From figurative and landscape art, coupled with abstract expressionism, I straddle different genres, from the street-inspired to the classically scenic.

My journey is ongoing, an endless exploration of creativity where the only constant is change and the pursuit of the novel in the familiar.

Feel free to get in touch!