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How to Enter

Our award is open to all artists and particularly encourages early to mid-career artists to enter.

Artists will have the chance to exhibit, sell their works and be in the running to win various prizes for outstanding talent.

This award is open to all artists. Entry fee is $50 per first entry then $20 each for any additional entries, with no limit on entries per person. Keep in mind that works must not exceed 1.6 metres in height or width.

Artists must read and accept TERMS and CONDITIONS before entering.

Submission Instruction:

  1. Artwork must be submitted via the Gallery 247 website through a Gallery 247 account. Once you are logged in you can upload photos and descriptions of your artwork. If you don’t have an account you can register for free.
  2. Submit your artwork/s by selecting the show you want to enter, Rotary Art Show and select which works you want to enter.
  3. Once your click submit artwork your works will be entered into the competition!

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